The Verju is a green laser or cold laser, it does not generate any heat or cause any discomfort. The Verju is comparable to liposuction but no incision, pain or recovery time. Body contouring works on abdomen, back, thighs and hips. Studies have shown up to 3–4 inches lost total from waist, hips and thighs after 6 treatments. Treatments require you to lay on the table/bed with the laser beams placed over you and aimed at your target areas for 15–20 minutes on each main area so treatments are 30–40 minutes long. After the treatment we stimulate the lymphatic system to help drain the fat with a vibrating roller ball device that only takes a few minutes more. Again this is not painful. The way the laser beams penetrate the fat under your skin and pokes small holes in the cells so the fat drains from the cells and is secreted by your lymphatic system over the next several days.

Cellulite treatment targets one area, usually the thighs and buttocks, to reduce the appearance of cellulite.

With your package you will receive supplements to take to help stimulate the drainage of your lymphatic system. For the cellulite treatment you use a cream 2x/day.

We recommend you drink lots of water, walk 15 minutes per day, and wearing compression or spanx undergarments to help lymphatic drainage. Also limiting alcohol intake during this 2 week time.

The Verju is contraindicated in current or recent cancer patients, if you have a decreased immunity status like HIV or other immune deficiency disorders or if you have shingles or herpes in the area. People with lymphatic drainage problems due to tummy tucks or other abdominal surgeries secondary to scarring may reduce your results. A small percentage of people, less than 5%, are non responders for unknown reasons.

For more information, visit the Verju website.